Wayne Cawood's 50th Birthday!

      Born October 3, 1952

Wayne had a surprise birthday party.  In Canada.

Wayne did not know that Thursday night (9/26/02)

he was going to be on an airplane going to Canada.

Wayne and Susan went to Wayne's brother's home.

Rebecca and Michael surprise Wayne in Canada on Friday.

Early Saturday morning golfing.

The morning started out a little cool.

The golf course was beautiful. 

Back from golfing the party prep has already started.

Wayne Cawood ...the Big 50 !!!

The food looks great.

The food smells great.

The day warms up so, some family and friends cool off.

Come on in ...the water fells great!

(no way ...the water was about 65%F)

Susan needs a drink after all this work and planning.


More food for the 50th birthday party.

Susan lighting the fires to help set the party mood.

Rebecca and Michael love the Canadian night air.

Our name tags "Old Fart's Friend"

Two Cakes!  ...we loved the cakes.

Happy 50th Birthday Wayne.

Stand back ...Wayne lights the cake.

Cut the cake Wayne.

"I'm 50 and I Feel Great ...do you want to feel?"

Wayne gets all this and a golf travel bag too.

What a great time we all had in Canada.

Leaving to go home ... the Johnson's go straight 

through Canadian and US customs ...

but not the Cawood's ... NO. 

They get stopped all along the way.   ???

 What is Wayne hiding?