David & Lisa's Wedding

Welcome to Beaches, Negril - Jamaica ..... "main entry" ... lobby to the right ... check in desk to the left ... pool straight ahead with the bar and dinning at your finger tips....

David and Lisa in the main pool

Beaches - David and Lisa's room #925 ... Misty and Mike show me (Susie - David's mom) around gift bags Lisa & David made up for their wedding guest... monogrammed beach towels, message poem in a bottle, scented candles of the sea, sun screen, aloe lotion, etc.
water view from David and Lisa's balcony garden view from David and Lisa's balcony
the main stage 'Big Top' at the main bar a Jamaican Japanese cook? I don't think so.....
Lisa and David waiting in the lobby for the rest of Lisa's family Mike(Lisa's brother) and Misty(Mike's wife) waiting in the lobby
David reading about the carved door on display, made for a temple sunset
Susie(David's mom), Misty(Mike's wife), Mike(Lisa's brother), Lisa, and David Rick(Lisa's dad), Mike(Lisa's brother), Jen(Lisa's sister), Kris(Lisa's younger sister) and Marsha(Lisa's mom-in the flowered top)
Kris(Lisa's younger sister), David, and Marsha(Lisa's mom) David loves singing to Lisa
the beach view coming form David and Lisa's room .........'s a long way down to the other end of "Beaches"...
David having a nice sail with his mom(Susie) and Kris David and Kris at the pool bar
the girls getting ready... Misty(sister-in-law)helping with the make-up
family support....Kris(sitting on the bed), brother Mike, Misty doing the final touches, and Jen taking pictures I love you, Kelly .... wish you were here ...
David's ready..Dad(Ken) and Barbara(Ken's wife) to support him.. David, Steve, and Dad .. Steve really did make it ..
Lisa and Mike Lisa and Dad
the band is playing .. Jen is headed for the camera .. Lisa and Dad
David and Lisa, we come together ... " I do "
" with this ring ..... I thee wed ... " Mr. and Mrs. David Wilson Schnurman
signing the certificate Mrs. David Wilson Schnurman
Jen(Lisa's sister), Marsha(mom), Rick(dad), Lisa, Mike(Lisa's brother), Misty(Mike's wife), and Kris(Lisa's younger sister) Misty(Lisa's sister-in-law), Kris(Lisa's younger sister), Susie(mom), David, Ken(dad), Barbara(Ken's wife), Jen(Lisa's sister), and Marsha(mom)
Marsha & Rick, Lisa & David, Steve, Mike & Misty, Kris Lisa, David, and Steve
Lisa & David's wedding card from Lisa's Mom & Dad David, Steve, and Mike getting into the booze again..
Marsha, Kris playing a duo Steve and Susie just hanging out
the piano bar toasting the newly-weds, David & Lisa "I know David is complete now and I'm so happy to have a new daughter"
ah come on Steve....just one Whitney Houston song I'd like to make a toast my brother and his new wife Lisa
I'm so in love with you... ohwa... ohwa... ohwa...
Here drink this Steve, you're looking a little...... Can we get some more drinks over here for my friends?
I'M SOOO IN LOVE WITH YOUUUUU.... ....just the two of us dancing....
waiting for the snorkel boat snorkel boat just leaving
snorkel boat almost there Marsha's getting excited
Everybody's swimming Kris coming to see
David diving deep Jen floating around
Lisa.. "Monster" ? Lisa and David
look at the little blue fish... ... and over here at the pin fish...
oh, and over here at the coral.. a little fish, too... ... more fish and sea urchins ..
how pretty.... .. see the black sea urchins & the starfish..
such pretty coral .. more fish .. sea urchins.. ... sea urchins everywhere ... tons of little yellow fish ..... finger sponges ... sea fans ...
.. see all the yellows's a school... sea urchins..sponges...what else can you find?
wow .... beautiful .... wish we could just stay forever ...
David and Lisa Jen, Lisa, and Kris
"Hi, Lisa" Rick said the reef's " Great ! ! "
market plaza look at what they sell here...
cows living loose in Jamaica market place
artist carving his trade Wednesday night beach party
Sandals - front entry Sandals - David and Lisa's room
Sandals - nightly stage shows Sandals - on the way to the beach bar
Sandals - beach front dinning come on Mom, I'll play you...
David's trying hard to win.. gee Mom, I didn't know you knew what you were doing..
"Oh - oh - Steve! Please take us out one more time..." Steve watching for babes...
Steve and the Babes Kris "Hey Steve, can I get you another drink?"
Kris in the Ocean Look out!.. David's coming....
Jump! - Kris - Jump! David, Lisa and Kris reaching for the sky ..
Kris and Lisa .. .Jamaican David, Lisa and Kris sliding
David knee boarding Lisa and Kris on the banana boat
Slow down Steve .... you're looking a little "board"...... Who will be the next Reggae Queen? Why, it's Marsha!!!
last night at the main bar--drinks all around please... sharing and caring
... look at us go ..... disco jammin' with Kris and Steve
back in Rick & Marsha's room one for the road

Thank you all for sharing in our happiness...

so glad you could make it, Steve  

Did Steve really go home? or did he just go back to the pool for some more... P A R T Y ' N .......

( you did realize that Steve was just a poster cutout .. as he is really in Afghanistan )  
Here's the front of our house This is the back view of our house
Lake view from the back door This is what the back view of our house will look like
Our New House is FINISHED!!!!!
  15555 East 40th Avenue Lot#48 - Denver, CO 80239